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Hygiene in a commercial kitchen is of the utmost importance. Keeping on top of standards set out under the Food Hygiene Regulations and the Food Safety Act can be challenging. you are legally obliged to have a periodic commercial kitchen deep cleaning programme in place. 

Freetime can offer deep clean solutions for kitchens and assist in developing specifications and kitchen cleaning programmes to meet the standards required.

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Kitchen Extract Cleaning

Over time, kitchen canopy filters will accumulate a build-up of grease particles which can become baked-on and impossible to remove by normal cleaning methods. This makes the filters less effective at trapping grease, and shortening the life of the fan.

Grease build up within the  extraction system is a common causes of fires in commercial kitchens, just having the hood cleaned is not sufficient.Following the completion of a site visit and assessment of your system, we will establish how often your kitchen extraction system will need to be cleaned to comply with requirements. This will depend on the level of usage of cooking equipment. 


Heavy Use (12-16 hours per day)  3 monthly
Moderate Use (6-12 hours per day)  6 monthly
Light Use (2-6 hours per day)  12 monthly


Our operatives are fully trained and qualified to clean kitchen extract ductwork systems to TR19 and LPS 2084 guidelines and regulations.  

In addition to your extraction system we will assess your ventilation system to make sure the whole system from canopy through to fans and vents is cleaned to the highest standard. 

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